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ODBC Call hangs on long text fields

Question asked by wendto on Jan 10, 2013


ODBC Call hangs on long text fields


FileMaker Pro


FileMaker 12 Pro Advanced

Operating system version

Windows 7/8

Description of the issue

When accessing the FileMaker database via ODBC, a simple query hangs when the targeted field has more than 2047 characters.

Example:  Select FirstName, LastName, Signature From Customer

All three fields are TEXT type.  Signature contains text data that is greater than 2047 characters.  If I run this query on shorter text fields, I get the results I expect.  If I run it on fields with values over this limit the query hangs.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Create a simple aspx page with the following code:

<%@ Import Namespace="System.Data.odbc" %>

<!DOCTYPE html>

        Retrieve Signature Capture Data from FileMaker 12




First NameLast NameSignature






Expected result

All text results returned from all fields specified even if the contents are over this 2046 limit.

Actual result

Any Text fields greater than 2046 characters = hangs query.

All Text fields less than 2046 characters = successful execution