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ODBC Connection issues in Filemaker 12 and 13 Server and FMP

Question asked by JoshHyman on Sep 12, 2014
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ODBC Connection issues in Filemaker 12 and 13 Server and FMP


FileMaker Pro


12, 13

Operating system version

Mac osx 10.9.4 and Windows 7

Description of the issue

Hi There Folks,

I have an issue I am seeking some help with around ODBC and Filemaker 13.

I am trying to connect to a MS Sql database (R2 2008) with a filemaker 13 server machine (Mac 10.8.5) (for purposes of testing I have also tried FMA 13 on a macbook with 10.9 installed) and have the DSN name all setup and working fine on the server as well as the macbook, I can test this connection with Excel and with Filemaker 11 and all seems to function just fine.

The issues come when adding an external data source in Manage Database in FM12 or FM13, I try to add the source table and I get the following error ODBC Error: [Actual][SQL Server] Unknown Host Machine Name.  [Actual][SQL Server] Unable to connect to data source.

The weird thing is If I convert a Filemaker 11 file that already has the SQL data source defined in the relationship graph, it will find the data and work as expected, it will even let me define a new table from the same SQL source once converted to a fmp.12 file. If I try this process in a file created with FM 12 or 13 I get the same error as above. As the my main file is already pretty comprehensive I would hate to have to build it up again from a newly converted FM11 file just to gain the SQL functionality.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.



Steps to reproduce the problem

Setup a DSN with valid and supported drivers
Try to add a shadow table in the relationship graph
Receive error message

Expected result

The Table should show data results

Actual result

Error message

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

ODBC Error: [Actual][SQL Server] Unknown Host Machine Name.  [Actual][SQL Server]

Configuration information

Both the Server machine, the filemaker server and any FMP 12 or 13 Licences we have tried are all on the same local network


Making a file in FM11 lets me set and define shadow tables in the relationship graph, I can then convert that fmp7 file to a fm12 file and the connection is still active, I can even define new shadow tables once converted and these work without error