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    ODBC driver problems



      ODBC driver problems


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      win64, OSX

      Description of the issue

      We have some problems with Filemaker ODBC driver

      It seems that there is a memory leak in the driver.
      For example:
      SELECT GetAs(Picture_container, 'JPEG') from SomeTable
      When returned data are very large (1 MB for example), it crashes in SQLGetData.
      The workaround for this bug is increasing buffer size (to 2 MB for example) for the function SQLGetData.

      Can't get column attributes SQL_DESC_DISPLAY_SIZE or SQL_DESC_UNSIGNED in SQLColAttribute - it returns error.

      We are using these platforms to connect to FM ODBC and both bugs are present:

      python 2.7 Win64 + pypyodbc.py (https://code.google.com/p/pypyodbc/)
      C++ Win64 + Qt library 5.2
      C++ OSX 10.6 x64 + Qt library 5.1

      Thank you


      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Use mentioned API functions

      Expected result

      no memory leaks

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               Thank you for your post.

               1. This issue was previously reported during the FileMaker Pro 12 timeframe, and it appears the buffer for container fields has been addressed in FileMaker Pro 13.

               2. There have been a few issues reported with the 64-bit ODBC driver accessing FileMaker Pro 12/13, and it affects SQLColAttributes (Error -2).  I can't find any related issues specific to SQL_DESC_UNSIGNED or SQL_DESC_DISPLAY_SIZE.  Any other details you can provide may be helpful.

               FileMaker, Inc.

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                 Thank you for your quick reply.

                 Regarding issue 2:

                 That's correct, it returns -2.
            SQL_DESC_UNSIGNED/SQL_DESC_DISPLAY_SIZE are our parameters (FieldIdentifier) for SQLColAttributes... So this is also fixed in FM13?
                 And one more thing ...
                      We have also a little problem with Filemaker text encoding.
                      Filemaker is using unicode for text in ODBC, but it is not correctly detected by a Qt-ODBC plugin.
                      See QODBCDriverPrivate::checkUnicode() in qsql_odbc.cpp from Qt-library if you are interested, same problem is with pypyodbc.
                      We must "force to unicode" manually...
                      Because we are using FM 12 is it possible upgrade ODBC driver only?
                      Thank you again


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                   Issue #2 has NOT been fixed in FileMaker Pro 13.

                   From reading the notes on this issue, SQLColAttribute call fails with error code -2, while the deprecated SQLColAttributes call ends successfully (notice the plural ending).

                   As far as a workaround, it is suggested to either use SQLDescribeCol when possible, or open the FMODBC64.DLL file with an editor and change the entry point of SQLColAttributeW to the same value as SQLColAttributesW.

                   FileMaker, Inc.

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                     Will this be fixed in FM 14 ?

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                       P H:

                       Thank you for your post.

                       FileMaker, Inc. does not discuss or comment about future products.

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                    This issue with the 64-bit ODBC driver has been fixed in FileMaker Pro 14.0.1.

                    FileMaker, Inc.