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    ODBC error



      ODBC error

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      Hi there, Using FileMaker pro advance server version 10 running on Windows 2003 Server.On the client system: Using Windows XP \MS Access2007 connecting via ODBC to the above FMPRO server. Join Prosperities:  Selecting Join Prosperities option 2.2: Include all records from ‘ABC’ and only those records from ID where the joined fields are equal.After clicking on OK we get the following error:ODBC-- call failed. However if we change the data source from FileMaker server to SQL server  we do not get any error. Please help.:smileysad:Thanks in advance,Abrahim 

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          Thank you for your post.


          What is the SQL statement being sent to the FileMaker ODBC driver?  What driver is being used for SQL Server?



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