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ODBC problem

Question asked by dinoapolito on Mar 24, 2014
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ODBC problem


FileMaker Pro


12.04 and 13

Operating system version

Windows 8

Description of the issue


In the relationships graph I can no longer add any table occurrences from any of the three external MySQL databases I am connected.

I click to add new table, select my external data source but I do not see a list of the tables in that database. Likewise if I double click one of the old occurrences from the external data source I still do not see any tables

This has been working well for years, and the strange thing is I can still read and write to these external databases so the connection is good. I am able to continue working with the solution as is but can't add anything new to it.

Filemaker Pro Advanced 12 on Windows 8

Does anyone have any ideas?


Steps to reproduce the problem

1. In relationship graph, attempt to add a new table from an external data source

2. Although the ODBC connection is fine I do not see any of the tables