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ODBC problem FMP9

Question asked by fe342185 on Apr 8, 2009
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ODBC problem FMP9

Description of the issue

I am trying to integrate a Shipping system to the FMP9 database and running into an error. I installed the SQLlink 4.5 from the CD for the ODBC driver on the remote system. I also turned on all the ODBC flags on the server and clients. Computer1 = Filemaker Pro 9.0 (NOT Server edition) Just acts as a serverComputer2 = Filemaker Pro 8 & 9 connecting to computer 1 by remote DB. The errors:From the system acting as the server (FMP9), I was able to connect via ODBC to the database when I use the loopback address ( as the host item. I tested a query using a query analyzer and it works. The problem is when connecting from the client computer and I use the IP address of computer 1 as the host. I get an "Authorisation error". I tried using the IP address of computer1 in the host item of computer1 instead of the loopback and I get the Authorisation error again. Only the loopback address works. Do I need FMP Server edition to make this work?Please help. Thank you.