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Odd conditional hide performance in list view

Question asked by Timothy Bentley on Sep 3, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2014 by philmodjunk


Odd conditional hide performance in list view


FileMaker Pro


13.0v3, Go 13.0.4

Operating system version

Windows 7, iOS 7.1.2

Description of the issue

In certain circumstances, the hide conditions for a radio button field for the active record seem to be used for a different record. If the hide condition for one field is true for the active record and false for the other record, and the hide condition for another field is false for the active record and true for the other record, both fields will be visible for the other record.

I've only been able to reproduce this with radio buttons, except in one case when I changed the field from a radio button set to an edit box.

In a test system it was for the immediately preceding or succeeding record; in a development system and other test cases it appears to be several records down the line.

Steps to reproduce the problem

1) Create a table with fields Field1 and Option1.
2) Create a layout (or just modify the automatically created one) in list view with Field1 as a radio button set, and Option1 as a checkbox set (or just an edit box should work) with a value list with "yes".
3) Set the hide condition for Field1 as Table::Option1 ≠ "yes".
4) Create a bunch of records so there's more than a full screen.
5) For the first record, select "yes" for Option1 and click the radio button.
6) Scroll down and up.
7) Click somewhere to commit records or browse forward until the strange record becomes active.

Expected result

Field1 only shows for the first record.

Actual result

Field1 also shows for at least one other record until records are committed or that record is browsed to.


Probably the simplest is to set an OnObjectModify or OnObjectSave script trigger for the field to commit records.