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Odd display glitches in IWP

Question asked by crapples on Mar 18, 2009
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Odd display glitches in IWP

Description of the issue

When viewing a LIST in FMP 9 via a web browser, the user clicks in a field within a record in the list to enter data (let's say they click in record #4 in the found set).  When the user clicks on the record, the records above the one clicked on (in our example, records 1, 2, and 3) disappear!  If the status bar is hidden, then there is no way to get those records back into view.  This is extrememly problematic and makes the web interface almost unusable for most purposes that include lists or tables. Also, if you provide a button that shows all records again, it will inevitably flip the user back up to record number 1.  So, if they had scrolled down to a lower record, they are forced to scroll back down and find their place again.  This happens with buttons inside of Portals too. Is there any programmatic or other solution to these problems?  These difficulties make developing for the web very frustrating. Thanks - BR Using FMP 9 Advanced - Mac OSX 10.5.6