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    Odd returns in Send Mail email body



      Odd returns in Send Mail email body


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Windows 7 Professional

      Description of the issue

      When scripting the text in the body of the email, the spacing and returns look normal when sent through the client, however, the receiver of the email receives it with odd returns. These are short paragraphs, so there should be no issue with too many characters.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Checked script and there are no artificial returns programmed in the script.

      Expected result

      Sentences would remain on the same line with the remainder of the sentence and would not have a return until I specify one.

      Actual result

      Odd returns before the sentence is complete.

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      No errors. The email just looks bad.


      No, not without learning and using a plug-in.


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               If the calculation producing this email includes text from fields, it is possible that there is an unwanted return character in one of the text fields and this will force an unwanted line break.

               I suggest posting the calculation used to compose the body of your email.

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                 Benda Wendling:

                 Thank you for your post.

                 Are you sending the email through the E-mail client or through SMTP?  If an E-mail client, which Email application is being used?  What version?

                 Does the break in the paragraph appear at the same point each time?  Or, does it change depending on the length of any fields that may be referenced?

                 Any other information you can provide may be helpful.

                 FileMaker, Inc.

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                   I am using Outlook 13 and am currently sending the email via the Client. The paragraph breaks happen in the same place every time for this email, but are not a part of a calculation. They are just random breaks in the middle of static typed text. This is why I found this so odd. As you can see in the file I posted of the email above, the breaks are right in the middle of a phrase where there is no need for a return.

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                     Brenda Wendling:

                     I'm a bit confused.  You say "The paragraph breaks happen in the same place every time for this email" and in the next sentence you say "They are just random breaks in the middle of static typed text".

                     Assuming the first part is true, there may be a control-character inserted.  Therefore, try removing "306 E. Parr Road", and then retype it.  See if this makes a difference.  If this doesn't make a difference, then copy the text up through 306, and paste it into a Text field.  Use a calculation to get the length of the Text field.  Let me know the length as this may point to something else.

                     If you try sending the text through an SMTP server, do you get the same results?

                     If the first part isn't true but the second part is true, at what places does the static text change between different emails?

                     FileMaker, Inc.

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                       I retyped the static text where the odd returns are happening, but it didn't change anything. They happen in the same places on the same lines for every email. So if an odd return is happening between "306" and "E. Parr Rd." on one email, it is happening on all of them.

                       I also noticed that places where I had put a paragraph symbol, were not placing a return at that point. See above at Wednesday,.... to Contract Due. There should be a return after "Due", but it left the text on the same line, and then placed an odd return after "306". I then added a second paragraph symbol in my script, and it gave me two line returns, but still left the odd return after "306". I only want one. I then took out the paragraph returns and only put one again. This time it didn't give me a return at all.

                       I did copy the text from the body of the email and put it into Word to see if there were any weird breaks there. I noticed that there were some extra spaces at the end of the paragraphs and removed them. That still did not fix my return problem.

                       I also copied the text into Notepad to see if anything showed up unexpected. Nothing.

                       I then removed all of my artificial returns in my script and only left the paragraph symbols. It still left random returns where they didn't belong, and did not put in the single returns that I had coded. It did fix the one after "306" though.

                       I then checked my text file for extra returns at the end of lines, which I found a few more that I either missed before, or were added when I copied it into the text file. I removed them and then copied the text file and replaced my script. No luck.

                       I then added back the extra returns and  took out a calculation I had for the showing the current year and just put in static text. I now have extra returns where I don't want them, and where I replaced the year calculation with static text after "Nov. 26," I still have an odd return.

                       None of this shows up is the preview of the email when you are sending it. It just looks this way for the recipient.

                       I then sent this via the SMTP server. It fixed the odd line break after "Nov. 26," but it did not fix the single returns that are supposed to be there on several paragraphs.

                       I then added back the extra returns where I really only wanted a single return, and the double return shows up. The other lines that had odd breaks look fine.

                       I then changed the script to go back to sending via the Client. My odd line break after "Nov. 26," returned.

                       I have never had this many issues with a simple email script before. I don't understand why this one is giving me so many problems.

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                         Brenda Wending:

                         Thank you for the additional information.

                         I would like to get a copy/clone of the file.  That way, I can test it here to see if it is a file problem or an email problem.  Check your Inbox at the top of this page for instructions where to send the file.

                         FileMaker, Inc.