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    On First Window Open Question



      On First Window Open Question


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      I have created an Order System for IT parts.  I'm very new to FileMaker so please excuse my lack of knowledge.  I have created a layout for Desktop and the Web for Web Direct.  When I start a new record via my Desktop, a new order request is started fine.  However, we I try to start a new order request via Web Direct, on open, instead of a blank order form (it shows the last order request) and when I click new record, it adds a blank line in my item table.  I can't find a way to not show the last record when opening my order system and how to prevent a blank line showing in my items to be ordered.  I am attaching a picture of my order form and the script I'm using for OnFirstWindowOpen.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Tried changing different calls but I'm very new and still learning the program.


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               Sorry, it wouldn't allow me to post more than 1 picture. Here is the other picture for my post.

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                 Jason Hillier:

                 Thank you for your post.

                 No need to apologize for your "lack of knowledge".  Everybody who visits this forum is at some stage of learning FileMaker Pro.

                 In FileMaker Pro, the previous record would also be briefly displayed before adding a record.  You are noticing it more in Web Direct as FileMaker Pro takes a little longer to produce the code so it can be viewed in a web page.

                 One option is to create a blank Layout based on the same table as "Invoice Details: Web".  Your script would then go to this new blank Layout, and since no fields are displayed, you would not see the content of the last record.  Then, have the script add a record and switch to the "Invoice Details: Web: Layout.  Does this make sense?

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                   Hi TSGal,


                   Thank you for your reply.  I have followed your guidance and created a new blank layout.  My OpenFirstWindow Script was changed to open this blank layout.  It worked but I am having issues then adding a record and switching to the Invoice Details: Web Layout.  I'm not sure what syntax to use.  I am including a picture of the new script.  After the New Record/Request line...Should I have the Go to Layout [invoice details web] layout line?  Or is wrong and should be done another way.


                   Thank you  Jason

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                     John Hillier:

                     In the second half of your script, you have:

                     If [Get ( SystemPlatform ) = 3 or Get ( SystemPlatform ) = 4]

                     This will prove true for "Web", so the next two statements are executed.  Everything that occurs inside the "Else" clause will not be executed, so you are not creating a new record.  Therefore, add the "New Record/Request" step in the If clause followed by the Go to Layout ( "Invoice Details: Web").

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                       Thank you so much.  That did it.   You rock!!!