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On First Window Open Question

Question asked by JasonHillier on Aug 27, 2014
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On First Window Open Question


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Description of the issue

I have created an Order System for IT parts.  I'm very new to FileMaker so please excuse my lack of knowledge.  I have created a layout for Desktop and the Web for Web Direct.  When I start a new record via my Desktop, a new order request is started fine.  However, we I try to start a new order request via Web Direct, on open, instead of a blank order form (it shows the last order request) and when I click new record, it adds a blank line in my item table.  I can't find a way to not show the last record when opening my order system and how to prevent a blank line showing in my items to be ordered.  I am attaching a picture of my order form and the script I'm using for OnFirstWindowOpen.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Tried changing different calls but I'm very new and still learning the program.