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OnFirstWindowOpen event will not always fire

Question asked by klein on Oct 3, 2012
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OnFirstWindowOpen event will not always fire


FileMaker Pro


Advanced 11v3

Operating system version

Win XP SP3

Description of the issue

Db A uses db B (listed in external sources). Db B has a OnOpen script C (set in File Options dialog). When A uses a relation to B or runs a script from B, B is opened implicitely, but remains hidden. C will not be run (appreciated). If now the user explicitely opens B (using menu item 'Window->Show Window->B' or using menu item 'File->Open..'), C will run, _unless_ A has called some other script of B before. I think this is pretty undesired behavior. In the script debugger the internal event name is visible (OnFirstWindowOpen), which I think, suits very well. However, then C should be called regardless, whether some other script of B has been called before.

This way, the user has the unpleasant possibility to open B without its start script being executed.

What are explanations or workarounds to this?
Thanks for your help!