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OnFirstWindowOpen not fired

Question asked by Fred(CH) on Oct 6, 2014
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OnFirstWindowOpen not fired


FileMaker Pro


13.0v3 and earlier

Operating system version

Mac OS X + Windows

Description of the issue

Perform a script from a FileMaker external data source can cause the OnFirstWindowOpen trigger failure.

Steps to reproduce the problem

- Create two files, FileA and FileB.
- Create a startup script on FileB.
- Create another script on FileB to be called from FileA.
- From FileA, create an external data source and add FileB as such.
- On FileA, add a table from FileB on Relationship graph.
- On FileA, create a script that performs the script from FileB as a subscript.
- Close both Files
- Open FileA (FileB is closed)
- Check the Windows menu Show Window sub-menu. FileB is hidden and indicated between brackets
- Perform the script from FileA (which execute the subscript from FileB)
- Check the Windows menu Display Window. FileB is hidden BUT NOT INDICATED BETWEEN BRACKETS ANYMORE.
- Open FileB

Expected result

The startup script from FileB must be executed on step 4 or, at least, it had to be on step 3.

Actual result

The startup script from FileB was never executed, even if the enduser is now browsing on FileB.

Consequence : globals not loaded, incorrect window's size, and more...

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


Configuration information



Complete the master script on FileA to detect if yes or no the FileB is already open. If not, close FileB at the end of execution. Thus, FileB will be shown between brackets and the startup script will be executed on next opening.

That is to define, for instance, $closeB variable with this formula :
IsEmpty ( WindowNames ( "FileB" ) )