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OnLayoutKeystroke issue with barcode readers and voice recognition

Question asked by bsternberg on Feb 18, 2013
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OnLayoutKeystroke issue with barcode readers and voice recognition


FileMaker Pro



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Description of the issue

There is an issue with the OnLayoutKeystroke script trigger in the Windows version of FileMaker 12. If this script trigger is active on a layout, barcode readers and voice recognition don't work. Occasionally some characters are recognized, but very intermittently. Both of these uses are important in my business, and the OnLayoutKeystroke script trigger is used throughout my FileMaker POS/accounting solution. this was not an issue with earlier versions of FileMaker. Also, this issue does not exist on the Mac version of FileMaker 12.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Use the OnLayoutKeystroke on a layout to detect keystrokes and trigger a script. Try using a barcode reader or voice recognition (Dragon NaturallySpeaking) for field  input.

Expected result

Complete words or item numbers.

Actual result

The result will usually be just one or two characters.