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onLayoutLoad Triggers not being caught by the Script Debugger

Question asked by PaulTurnbull on Sep 23, 2009
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onLayoutLoad Triggers not being caught by the Script Debugger

Description of the issue

In his DevCon session on ‘Practical Script Triggers’ Geoff Coffey mentioned that the script debugger catches all triggers. This does not appear to be the case.If a script uses ‘Goto Layout’ to navigate to a layout with either a onLayoutLoad or onRecordLoad trigger then the Script Debugger will not will not catch the triggered script. If the triggered script has a step that pauses the script (such as Display Dialog) then when the Triggered Script pauses it will become visible in the debugger. When the script resumes it will execute the remaining steps but not step through them in the debugger. I’m not sure if this is a bug or expected behaviour however there are some other oddities as well. If the triggered script exits with a result then that result will not be seen by the Goto Layout script. This is contrary to the expected behaviour of a Script Result being passed to the next script to run. The linked demo file includes tests for onLayoutLoad and onRecordLoad as well onModeEnter as a control.  Demo File: