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OnObjectEnter doesn't work for pop-up menus

Question asked by scottworld on Aug 12, 2014
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OnObjectEnter doesn't work for pop-up menus


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Description of the issue

There is a problem with the "OnObjectEnter" script trigger when applied to a field formatted as a pop-up menu:

If the user clicks on the pop-up menu with their mouse, the script trigger will only fire AFTER the user CHANGES THE VALUE of the pop-up menu. So if you are trying to use the script trigger to grab the previous value of the field, it won't work. The script trigger will only be able to grab the NEWLY-ENTERED value of the field.

This problem with pop-up menus is not mentioned anywhere within the FileMaker help documentation. FileMaker simply says that "OnObjectEnter" will trigger whenever a user clicks on the object. But this isn't the case with pop-up menus.