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OnTimer scripts interrupt work in Manage Scripts

Question asked by Dillik on Apr 24, 2012
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OnTimer scripts interrupt work in Manage Scripts


FileMaker Pro


FMP 12.0v1 (also 11v4)

Operating system version

OS X 10.6.8

Description of the issue

If I'm trying to do any work in Manage Scripts when an OnTimer script runs in an open window (in any file, not just the current one), the running of the script can interfere with what I'm trying to do.  In FMP11, the OnTimer script seems to deselect the script window I'm working on.  In FMP12, the script window isn't deselected, but it still interrupts me in at least two other ways:

* If I was trying to retype a script name, the OnTimer script causes the script name to be fully highlighted in the middle of my typing (thus, I overtype whatever was there).

* If I had a script step selected in the left pane and was trying to type the name of another step to jump to in the list, FM loses track of what I was typing.  (Example: Say I'm trying to jump to the "Commit Records" step by typing "commit."  If the OnTimer script runs after I've typed "co," it'll jump me down to the first "m" step it finds when I continue to "mmit.")

Steps to reproduce the problem

For demonstration purposes, run an Install OnTimer script step with a timer interval of 0.5 seconds (obviously the OnTimer script it's installing should be one that completes quickly).  Then in Manage Scripts, try to type or retype a script's name.  Also try to jump to a command of your choice in the left pane, such as "Commit Records."  It's essentially impossible in FMP11 but still extremely difficult in FMP12.

Expected result

Ideally, an OnTimer script (specifically, one that performs a background task) shouldn't alter the state of the Manage Scripts dialog in any way.


Before working on a script in Manage Scripts, deactivate active OnTimer scripts (especially frequent ones) in all open windows for all open files.