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    Open Remote bug



      Open Remote bug

      Description of the issue

      In Mac OS X Leopard, when you are creating a favorite server in FMP 10 in Open Remote, and you attempt to paste in an IP address, the paste fails and the Open New or Existing Database window comes to the front.  At this point, the menu items are dimmed, 'Quit' from the Dock doesn't work so you are left with only a Force Quit to get out . . . not exactly nice for any other databases that are open.

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          Things work as expected here with FileMaker Advanced 10 on OS X 10.5.6.


          - John

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            In other words, John . . .


            You copied an IP address (say, from Address Book) and pasted it into the favorites edit window OK?


            Every time we do it here, we get the windows out of order.



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              The edit window being under:


              File -> Open Remote...

              Choose "Favorite Hosts" in the "View" pull-down

              Click "Add..." button

              Try to paste in either Host's Internet Address or Favorite Host's Name



              If so, yeap it behaves properly, no windows moving around.


              - John

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                Thank you for your posts.


                I am not able to reproduce the problem.  This is what I have done.


                1. I opened FileMaker Pro 10 on an iMac running OS X 10.5.5.


                2. I pulled down the File menu and selected "Open Remote..."


                3. I clicked on the "Add..." button, and next to "Host's Internet Address:", I could also paste from the clipboard.  "Save" does become active.  I clicked "Cancel" to return to the previous screen.



                4. On a side note, in the "Network File Path" area, I could paste from the clipboard.  "Open" then becomes active.


                Are you able to paste from another application?  What other applications do you have running?  Please provide me any additional information that may be relevant, as I would like to duplicate this problem.
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