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    Open Remote File Dialog - Hosts list items Unclickable



      Open Remote File Dialog - Hosts list items Unclickable


      FileMaker Pro


      FMPA 11v2

      Operating system version

      OSX 10.6.5

      Description of the issue

      This problem occurs only occasionally, once or twice a month, after a fresh computer boot for a day of work.  The problem is, that the Hosts list in the "Open Remote File" dialog is unresponsive, un-clickable, even though valid servers are listed.  A restart of Filemaker always corrects it.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      WIth FileMaker's new "Startup dialog" perminently dismissed, FMP automatically opens the "Open File" dialog upon startup.  This is the starting point in the steps taken below:

      - Click the "Remote..." button within the "Open File" dialog.  The "Open Remote File" opens correctly.
      - Within the "Hosts" list, there are three existing hosts (at our office), everything looks completely normal.

      * Clicking anywhere in the Hosts List fails to select any server or change the display in any way... it's as if the Hosts list is not a clickable area.  There is no reaction to the click at all.

      - Other options within the dialog function normally such as:

      - Selecting the View: "Local Hosts" drop-down works as expected, changing from Local Hosts to Favorites etc... correctly changes the Hosts displayed below. 
      - When returning it to the "Local Hosts" value, the three previous hosts reappear, but remain completely un-selectable.
      - Closing the "Open Remote File" dialog and re-entering it fails to correct the problem.
      - Only a restart of FMP fixes it.


      -  Quitting FileMaker Pro and restarting it corrects the problem, and the "Hosts" list behaves normal.

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          Here's an update with more information.

          Another user's post (http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/ecb05951d5) is describing the same problem.

          The problem happens mostly with a fresh startup- and today it happend again, which measn it happenend two days in a row.  Below are more findings from testing, since it occured again:

          - It occurs on all dialogs within the Open Remote dialog, ie. the "add favorites" dialog also behaves un-click-ably.

          - No error beeps or any other sounds are associated with the problem.

          - The dialogs look exactly like they are "Not active", always, ie the title bar is light grey and the Dialog title is light grey... as if it's behind some other dialog, but it is not.

          - I'm pretty sure it's an issue related to this behavior, because the behavior I'm seeing is like working with non-active dialog window, it's just that there is no OTHER window open above it.  This is probably a problem with the code used to spawn the initial dialog, on opening FileMaker.

          - Does not require FileMaker pro to restart, just dismissing all open dialogs, ie. especially the Open File Dialog, that openend upon start up.  Reopening the Open File dialog corrects the problem, and all subsequent dialogs are correct.

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            Jonathan Mickelson:

            Thank you for your posts.

            Besides your post and the other customer post you linked, another customer (not on the forum) reported a similar problem where the customer was unable to click in the dialog box to select a host.  The customer was able to use the tab key and arrows to select and open a file.  However, in your case, you mention the Open Remote dialog title is grey, so I'm not sure this is relevant.

            There is also a report of the open dialog box being grayed out if you switch to another application while FileMaker Pro is launching.  That is, launch FileMaker Pro, switch to another application, and then when the FileMaker Pro icon bounces in the Dock, switch to FileMaker Pro and the Open File dialog box is greyed out.  Could this be the issue?

            Any other information you can provide may be helpful.

            FileMaker, Inc.

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              I can confirm that this issue is in fact caused by switching to another application during the launch of FileMaker Pro.  

              I tested after a fresh reboot (which was where I thought this was occurring) and launched FMP but this time left the machine alone and did not switch to another program at any time.  The problem did not occur!

              I then closed FMP and relaunched it, and while it was in the process of loading I switched to another application, and then waited until the FMP logo Bounced in the dock.. telling me it was opened and presenting it's first dialog "the FileMaker Quick Start". When switching to it, the dialog was generally unresponsive (as described in the original description), the "Browse..." and "Close" buttons will function -- but not selecting anything within the dialog.  The "Browse..." button does open the further dialogs, but they are all unresponsive.  The only way to get them responsive again is to restart FMP, leaving the focus on it the entire time.

              This explains why we were originally associating it with the "first launch" of FMP -- FMP, like any application, takes a while to launch the first time, especially if the system is still loading programs after a fresh boot...  This created a situation where is was extremely likely that we would use another application, changing the application focus, prior to FMP fully launching.

              I hope this goes a long way helping the engineers solve the underlying cause of this problem.


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                Jonathan Mickelson:

                Thanks for the confirmation.

                Yes, our Development and Software Quality Assurance (Testing) departments confirmed this issue when it was first reported.  Until this is resolved, at least you now know the cause.  Perhaps you can make FileMaker Pro launch last in sequence during start up?

                FileMaker, Inc.

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                  MacOS X 10.6.x

                  FMA 11.0v2 


                  I found a similar bug.

                  All items in the FileMaker Open File Dialog (local or remote) are not clickable.


                  1. Start FileMaker 
                  2. Go to another program or start another program.
                  3. Return to FileMaker once it has started.
                  4. All contents are not clickable.

                  Solution to solve the issue:

                  1. Select the Finder
                  2. Return to FileMaker

                  Another very similar bug, but very annoying is that FileMaker must be forced quit, if you click on "Remote" in the open file dialog and leave FileMaker for another program while it opens the remote dialog and searches the network for files.  The "open file" dialog comes to the front, but neither the open remote file dialog nor the local open file dialog can be clicked or closed. The only solution is to force quit FileMaker. 


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                    Thank you for your post.

                    Your steps are consistent with what was previously reported.  I have attached your post to the original report.

                    FileMaker, Inc.