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Open Remote File Dialog - Hosts list items Unclickable

Question asked by jwmickelson on Dec 1, 2010
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Open Remote File Dialog - Hosts list items Unclickable


FileMaker Pro


FMPA 11v2

Operating system version

OSX 10.6.5

Description of the issue

This problem occurs only occasionally, once or twice a month, after a fresh computer boot for a day of work.  The problem is, that the Hosts list in the "Open Remote File" dialog is unresponsive, un-clickable, even though valid servers are listed.  A restart of Filemaker always corrects it.

Steps to reproduce the problem

WIth FileMaker's new "Startup dialog" perminently dismissed, FMP automatically opens the "Open File" dialog upon startup.  This is the starting point in the steps taken below:

- Click the "Remote..." button within the "Open File" dialog.  The "Open Remote File" opens correctly.
- Within the "Hosts" list, there are three existing hosts (at our office), everything looks completely normal.

* Clicking anywhere in the Hosts List fails to select any server or change the display in any way... it's as if the Hosts list is not a clickable area.  There is no reaction to the click at all.

- Other options within the dialog function normally such as:

- Selecting the View: "Local Hosts" drop-down works as expected, changing from Local Hosts to Favorites etc... correctly changes the Hosts displayed below. 
- When returning it to the "Local Hosts" value, the three previous hosts reappear, but remain completely un-selectable.
- Closing the "Open Remote File" dialog and re-entering it fails to correct the problem.
- Only a restart of FMP fixes it.


-  Quitting FileMaker Pro and restarting it corrects the problem, and the "Hosts" list behaves normal.