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Open remote Hosts but no files

Question asked by cliffribeiro on Mar 25, 2015
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Open remote Hosts but no files


FileMaker Server



Operating system version

windows 7

Description of the issue


After hosting a file on filemaker server 12, I can not open any files in open remote from any device connected to the network. Filemaker go as well as filemaker pro 12 both see the host in the open remote dialog but no files are found. I have changed settings on router to 5003 but no luck. I have yet to be able to open any filemaker files in any filemaker pro on any device except for on the host machine. I have the host machine running server and filemaker pro and when opening filemaker pro, I can open remote and find the host as well as files. Not on other machines attached to the network. Any help would be great as this severlly limits our usage!