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Open URL script step fails to work with even a simple data URL

Question asked by dhafitch on Mar 12, 2012
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Open URL script step fails to work with even a simple data URL


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mac OS X 10.6.8

Description of the issue

For my database, I would like to open a URL specified using a calculation field, e.g. MyURL = "http://www....."

But if the calculation returns a null value, I would like to open a URL page with a specific error message that is provided by a data URL.

For example, "data:text/html,

Error message.


Oddly, the data url does not work with the OpenURL script step.  The script seems to add a "html://" in front of the data url, rendering the data url inoperable.  Thus, I am reporting this as a bug.


David Fitch

Steps to reproduce the problem

In layout mode, make a button. Attach an Open URL script to the button, and type "data:text/html,

Error message.

" to specify the URL for the script. Click the button in Browse mode.

Expected result

I expect a simple web page to open in my browser (e.g. Safari) with the text "Error message."

Actual result

Safari opens a page that says it can't open the page "http://data:text/html,%3Chtml%3E%3Cbody%3E%3Cp%3EError%20message.%3C/p%3E%3C/body%3E%3C/html%3E" because the page's address isn't valid.
However, if you just delete the initial "http://" in the url line, the page opens properly.  Thus, I believe the Open URL script step is mistakenly adding a "http://" to the front of any URL that does not start with "http" .

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

See above.