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Opening a FMP5.5 in FMP12?

Question asked by WillieCornforth on Jan 25, 2013
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Opening a FMP5.5 in FMP12?


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mountain Lion

Description of the issue

I just bought a copy of FMP 12 to use a database that I developed with FMP5.5 years ago. When I tried to open it it displayed a message to the effect that the database format was not supported and to use version 1 to read the file! Surely it can't be true. There must be a path that will retain my report layouts and my scripts.

If I could run run FMP 5.5 I wouldn't have a problem. Mountain Lion will not run FMP 5.5.

Can I not "borrow" a copy of the last version that *did* read accept v5.5 files, convert the database to that version, and then read *that* version in FMP 12. If  this is doable, what OS would I need?

If I cannot read my old database I will have wasted my money and will not be happy. I have used FMP for many, many years and am very surprised that you cannot read your own legacy files.


Steps to reproduce the problem

Just try opening an FMP 5.5 database with FMP 12

Expected result

It would open the database and work like it used to!

Actual result

A message telling me to use Version 1 of FMP to convert the file - with will lose all the layouts and scripts I have developed!

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

“Address Book” was created by version 1.0 of FileMaker and cannot be opened by this version (v12.0).
Please use version 1.0 to view this file.


I wish!