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Opening Exported file in deletes certain rows

Question asked by jimlongo on Feb 10, 2010
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Opening Exported file in deletes certain rows

Description of the issue

Hi, I try to use instead of Excel as much as possible in my workflow.  When I Export or Save Records As Excel the file if opened in Numbers will have some rows in some columns deleted and or repeated.  When I open the file in Excel it is as it should be.  If I save the file after opening in Excel it will then open properly in Numbers.  Filemaker 9.0v3Numbers 2.0.3 (332)Mac OSX 10.4.11   (also happens at home on OSX 10.6.x)             You can see in the screenshots that the Numbers file on the left is missing col A row 16, row 25, then repeats some rows near the bottom.   Column B is unchanged. As I said if I resave the opened file in Excel it then is right in Numbers. Thanks,Jim LongoRhythm Division