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    Opening files by clicking



      Opening files by clicking


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Snow Leopard OS X.6

      Description of the issue

      I have installed FM Pro 11.  It has converted the former icons ok.  My problem is that
      I cannot open files by clicking on them but must go to the FM menu bar and open files
      by pulling them up on on the "file" menu.

      How do I get the files to open by merely clicking on them?


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          They should open merely by double clicking them like you would any other file. Exactly how are you attempting to open the file and what happens when you do? Any error messages, bouncing icon in the dock or ???

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            Thank you PhilModjunk for responding.  The only response is a window offering translators in Word.

            Carl Ehle

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              What version of filemaker did you have before you upgraded to filemaker 11?

              What icons are these and where are they?

              Sounds like your icons are either the unconverted copies of a version of filemaker older than version 7 or they are aliases to the same uncoverted copies. Depending on what options you used to convert the files, the conversion process may have have renamed or relocated the converted copies.

              I suspect opening the files from the file menu works because you are then selecting the new converted copies to open.

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                Thanks again, PhilModjunk

                I think my former version of FM was 7 something.  I can check it later at my office if necessary.  The icons are FM icons--the

                names of files, e.g., Donor Info, Calendars, Labels, etc.  I don't believe they were from aliases.  The names end with .fp7 which

                suggests to me that their conversion is not complete.  Shouldn't it be .fp11??

                Carl Ehle

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                  All files since filemaker 7 have .fp7 as their suffix. That's because the format of filemaker files have not changed since this version.

                  When you first opened the files with filemaker 11, did you have to convert the files? If so, you had filemaker 6 or earlier files and the format change process might have been the issue, but not if they show .fp7 in their file names.

                  Where are these "icons"? In the dock?

                  If not, what do you see when you select the icon and check "get Info"? (My reference here may be a bit dated).