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Operations on date from list can result in a number

Question asked by Timothy Bentley on Apr 17, 2015
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Operations on date from list can result in a number


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows 7

Description of the issue

When extracting a date from a list and adding/subtracting a number, the result is a number.

I'm not sure this is really a bug, maybe just expecting too much of FileMaker's typecasting.

Steps to reproduce the problem

1. Enter a date (4/17/2015) into YourTable::DateField.
2. Enter these expressions in the data viewer:
YourTable::DateField - 1
GetValue(List(YourTable::DateField); 1) (or LeftValues)
GetValue(List(YourTable::DateField); 1) - 1
GetAsDate(GetValue(List(YourTable::DateField); 1)) - 1

Expected result

All expressions produce a date: 4/17/2015 or 4/16/2015.

Actual result

GetValue(List(YourTable::DateField)) - 1 produces 4172014. Note that "4/17/2015" - 1 produces the same result.


Use GetAsDate