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out-of-memory when importing CS5 thumbnails

Question asked by on Jan 6, 2011
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out-of-memory when importing CS5 thumbnails


FileMaker Pro


8.5 - 11

Operating system version

Mac OS X 10.6.5

Description of the issue

EPS files saved from Photoshop CS5 cannot be imported with thumbnails

Steps to reproduce the problem

Create folder with EPS files saved from Photoshop CS4 (no color profile, any format of preview) and separate folder with identical files saved from Photoshop CS5.  New FM database with fields: ImageContainer (Container), FileName (text), PathName (text), Thumbnail (Container).  File:Import:Folder:Specify, choose folders independently.

Expected result

both folders should import

Actual result

The CS4 folder will import but the CS5 folder will not.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

Sorry, there is not enough memory to complete this operation.

Configuration information

Repeatable on machines with 4Gb and 8Gb RAM


Save image to different file format.  EPS is a dying format and this is Adobe's issue but wanted to make FMI aware of it.