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    Outlook signature



      Outlook signature


      FileMaker Pro



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      Windows 7

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      Is it possible to use my Outlook signature (with logo)when using the send mail script step in FileMaker Pro?

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          Benjamin Fehr

               Hi Luc

               Very soon, somebody will tell you that this forum is intend to collect bug reports and that your question belongs to the general forum.

               Anyway, with Mac, I have solved this by determining a default signature for every new Email in my Mail program.

               Don't know about Outlook but guess should work same way.


               Good luck

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            Benjamin Fehr

                 TSGal, TSFalcon, TSanybody

                 Could you kindly ask FMI if it would be possible to set a big title on the forum "Bug Reports only" and maybe also a link to the general  ask-and-get-help forum?


                 kind regards



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                   What surprises me is that, at my recommendation, they added this text:



                        If you have a question about how to use a FileMaker product, please post that question to one of the other forums (FileMaker Forum, FileMaker Server Forum or FileMaker Go Forum) that have been set up for that purpose.
                   right at the top of the report form they have to complete to post a message to this forum and they still go forward with posting their questions--which posts not only in the wrong spot, but which greatly reduces the number of people that will even see their question...