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    Padding in textboxes



      Padding in textboxes


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      Description of the issue

      In text boxes, changing the padding values in the Inspector has no effect on the spacing of text within the text box. However, the inspector recognises that the object's style has been modified, and gives you the option to save the changes to the style.

      Furthermore, you can add padding values by copying and pasting styles from other objects (such a text fields), although the values shown in the Inspector are independent of the pasted (and displayed) padding.

      The fact that the padding boxes are not greyed-out on the inspector implies that padding is intended to work, as does the fact that you can copy/paste padding.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Create a text box and try to set the padding. You can change the numbers in the inspector, but this has no effect on the object (although the style is tagged as modified). Padding can be added by copy and pasting the style from a text field with the desired padding values.

      Expected result

      Padding should be modified.

      Actual result

      Padding remains at zero.

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


      Configuration information



      Paste the style from an object with the desired padding.

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          Hi Jon,

          I am unable to replicate the issue using the same configuration you indicated.

          Are you sure the issue is not due to a bad alignment ?

          What theme are you using ?

          If you create a brand new file with only a text object does the issue still occur ?

          Bye, Fred

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            I think the style is broken, and the inspector can't update the padding values.

            On a brand new file, padding works as expected on the default style, but I can paste in a 'broken' text box from another file (one week old) and it remains broken. I have a few vital files where even the default is broken.

            don't want to have to rebuild the file from scratch, but there seems to be no way to fix this once a style has broken.

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              If I paste the text box with working padding back into a file with the broken padding, the padding brakes.

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                Thank you for your posts and screen shots.

                Since this works on a new file, either the style is broken in a new file, or the layout is damaged.

                Try creating a new blank layout, create a text box, and then apply padding to the text box.  Do not try to add the style.  If the padding works on the text box, then save this as a new style.  If the padding doesn't work, then there is something wrong with the file.

                If the padding works, return to your original layout and try to apply the new style to the existing text objects.  Does this work?  If so, then the original style is damaged.  If not, then the original layout is damaged.

                Keep me updated with any progress, as this will let me know how to proceed next.

                FileMaker, Inc.

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                  It looks like it's the file (or at least my theme in the file).

                  I created a new layout (taking my preferred Theme), added a textbox (which took the 'default' style), but I couldn't adjust the padding.

                  If I do the same, but take a 'standard' theme (e.g. Bamboo), I can adjust the padding on an objects with the 'default' text box style.






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                    On further investigation, it's only the left and top padding that's broken. Right and bottom padding is respected.

                    In fact, changes to left and top padding are registered, but they added to the right and bottom padding, respectively.

                    So, for example, if my box is 200pt wide, and I set the left padding to be 50pt, and the right padding to be 50pt, the result will be 100pt right padding and no left padding.

                    BTW, I've also tried upgrading to FM13.0.3



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                      Thank you for the additional information.

                      Just to clarify, it looks like only your preferred Theme (MCCGLC) that has this issue?  Correct?

                      I realize you would prefer not to create a new Theme.  Therefore, send me a clone (copy with no records) of your database file, and I'll look over the file and see what I can do.  Check your Inbox at the top of this page for instructions where to send the file.

                      FileMaker, Inc.

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                        That's correct—it's just the MCCGLC theme.

                        In fact, it's an empty database that I was using to create this custom theme, prior to a major rebuild of a database. 

                        I'd be very grateful for anything you can do.

                        As a feature suggestion, perhaps at some point a scan/repair of themes could be integrated into the database recovery process. 



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                          I have received your file.  Thank you.

                          I am able to replicate the issue, but unable to make the necessary changes to the file.  I have sent the file to Development and Testing for review.  To set any kind of expectation, it may take a couple of days to receive an answer.  I will let you know when I receive any feedback.

                          FileMaker, Inc.

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                              Testing confirmed the internal values for the style and them have been altered, and at this time, it is not possible to change/fix those values.  The information has been sent to Development for further review.

                              FileMaker, Inc.

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                                Thanks anyway—I'll guess that I'll have to start again. :(

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                                  Benjamin Fehr

                                  I can confirm similar issues with Padding FMP and FMGo and also issue with inner- and outer shadows with FMGo.

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                                    Is there any update to this? I'm having the same problem

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