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    Page Break bug



      Page Break bug


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Windows 7

      Description of the issue

      I'm creating a report layout for a staff roster which is often updated, necessitating the deletion and import of records from another FM database. The layout contains fields, in order: staff member name; day of week; date, (the layout is grouped by staff member name and date, so all three are positioned in a sub-summary above the body); concatenated start and finish time field; client name , (these last two fields are in the body of the layout).

      I need a page break inserted with each change to the staff member name only. When I first create this report, the page break works fine, separate page in each preview. However, as soon as I make changes to the records, including deleting and importing, the page break ceases to function, despite the part still showing up in the layout and part setup. The page break never functions again unless I create a whole new layout and then it only works until the first change in record entry and not again after that.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      I have recreated the report several times and with several variations, including grouping by just the staff member name and not the date as well. The same situation still exists no matter what I try.

      Expected result

      Page break for each data change in the staff member name field.

      Actual result

      Works only until there is a change in the record or until the database is exited. After that the part remains in the layout but the page break will not function. Given that the page break works on creation and first use of the layout but subsequently and irreversibly stops working, the only conclusion I can come to is that the issue is a bug in the FM program itself.

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear



      None. Everything I've tried, grouping by one field only, moving grouped field(s) to header, sub-summary or wherever, even making a copy of the staff member name field and sorting from the copy, still comes up with the same problem.

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          What page break option have you specified and for which layout part to get your page break that works initially?

          Have you tried resorting your records after the edits to see if that makes a difference?

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            Thanks. Good info about needing the sort for it to work though. That might not be obvious to young players like myself if they didn't know about it. As it turns out I HAD thought to use the sort but what I did wrong was to insert a wrong field in the sort script. It was me who had the bug after all. Score one to FMP, zero to me. Laughing

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              That explains it. I wasn't sure suggesting a re-sort was the right move. Once you sort a FileMaker layout, subsequent edits on that layout or any layout based on the same table occurrence will not change the established sort order. In fact, if you edit a field specified in the most recent sort, the record may "jump" to a different location in the found set in order to preserve the sort order. That's a very annoying side effect for most of us that we'd like to be able to disable when needed, but in your case, not doing any sorting, should keep your data in order.

              Mind you, the re-sort is safest as makes sure that no other data base action has modified the sort order.

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                Thanks again Phil. Very astute observations on your part. Led me to where I needed to go. All power to you!!!