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PageSetup scale % = % of script PDF'd

Question asked by DavidMatson on Feb 17, 2015
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PageSetup scale % = % of script PDF'd


FileMaker Pro


13 Advanced

Operating system version

Mac 10.9.5

Description of the issue

The scale in PageSetup effects how much of a script is PDF'd, so if 50% is selected then only 50% of a script is PDF.  For example, I have a script that according to GitHub is 114 lines long.  But, when scaled to 50% only 51 lines of the script are PDF'd by FileMaker 13.  When I set the scale to 100%, the FM13 PDFs all 114 lines of this script.

I share PDFs of my scripts on GitHub and with FM10 you could shrink the page scale and the whole script would print, reducing the number of non-script page footers. 


David Matson

Steps to reproduce the problem

1. Set PageSetup Scale to less than 50%
2. Open any script.
3. Select File > Print
4. PDF script.
5. FileMaker 13 will only print 50% of the script. 

If the scale is set to 10% then even less of the script is printed.

Expected result

All lines of a script are PDF'd.

Actual result

Only a percentage of the scripts lines are PDF'd that are actually less than the reduced scale for the page.


1. Set PageSetup scale to 100%.
2. Create 10000 inch custom page length. 

This will PDF even long scripts without inserting any footers.