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    Parameter with wrong translation in Swedish



      Parameter with wrong translation in Swedish


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      MacOSX 10.8.2

      Description of the issue

      One parameter of the calculation function LayoutObjectNames( ) has wrong and confusing translation for one of it´s parameters.

      In swedish it uses the word for "Fieldname" as the first parameter where it should say "Filename"

      LayoutObjectNames ( fältnamn ; layoutnamn )

      Should be:
      LayoutObjectNames ( databas ; layoutnamn )

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Look at


      in a swedish environment

      Expected result

      LayoutObjectNames ( databas ; layoutnamn )

      Actual result

      LayoutObjectNames ( fältnamn ; layoutnamn )

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               Kalle Samuelsson:

               Thank you the post.


               I forwarded this report to Testing and Development for review. 



               FileMaker, Inc.

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            Markus Schneider

                 there are problems in other languages as well. iE the german manual has (among other issues) the url translated... there is no 'datei:' url, it's just 'file:' ('file'means 'datei' in german..). 

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                   markus schneider:

                   Thank you for the post.


                   I would be very happy to submit as many of these types of errors to Testing and Development as you can possibly list. 


                   Could you provide a little more information as to the location of that particular mistranslation? If possible, a screenshot and either a page number or a direct URL of of the document showing the error would be ideal. 



                   FileMaker, Inc.

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                Markus Schneider

                     hi TSFalcon

                     there are a few problems with this...

                     - maybe there should be a seperate topic for the 'misleading manual'

                     - that topic should be read frequently

                     - I've found the problems as an user asked something basic that _is_ in the manual and I wanted to point that user to the section... bingo. Means: When I have found a couple of mistakes this way.. there must be much more of them (otherwise, I should think about  gaming on a lottery)

                     - the forums here... terrible slooow, I don't have the nerve for dealing with this forum every day... (especially on an iPad)


                     the wrong url type can be found in the german manual, under 'Aus url einfügen' (script commands):

                     "Aus URL einfügen" unterstützt die Protokolle http, https, ftp, ftps und Datei. FileMaker Pro lädt die vom URL angegebene Ressource in das Zielfeld herunter.
                     'Datei' should be 'file'
                     the example shows like this - and 'Datei' will not work..:
                     Aus URL einfügen [Ohne Dialogfeld; Vertrieb::Bericht; "http://www.filemaker.com/umsatzbericht.pdf"]
                     another one:
                     keyboard shortcuts (MacOS), insert text (without style)... the manual says shift-cmd-option-, ('comma'). But it's shift-cmd-option-v (here on both, german and swiss german keyboards)
                     something more general (english as well):
                     FieldNames ( fileName ; layoutName ) 
                     the second parameter can be a tablename from the graph as well, the function will return  all fields of a table
                     example: FieldNames ( fileName ; get(layouttableName) )