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Paste without format, Custom Menus and FM Interface

Question asked by fabriceN on Jan 21, 2009
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Paste without format, Custom Menus and FM Interface

Description of the issue

Hi,this is not new, and I wouldn't call it a bug but an unexpected behavior and inconvenience.Something nice with FileMaker is that you can easily paste text from another application with all formats (style, font, size...)In some situations though, you want to prevent this to ensure that the data is not full of inappropriate styles.A way of doing it is setting all the fields to auto-enters and use the TextFormatRevove function, but it means that you have to apply it to every field, which is not easy and which slows down the database.Another way is to define custom menus, and replace the standard Paste command with Paste without style.But if you do that, there is no way you can paste something in the 'developer' interface (database definition, calculations...)I would expect the custom menus to be turned off when in these interfaces, or at least the Paste without format to include a simple Paste command (which by the way seems to be the case because if you paste (normal paste) styled text to a field, then undo, you get unstyled text and not an empty field.)