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Pasted Text in Forum Message frequently triggers HTML errors

Question asked by philmodjunk on Mar 30, 2010
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Pasted Text in Forum Message frequently triggers HTML errors

Description of the issue

I copy and paste text a lot when maintaining the Known Bug List. With the recent forum software update, I've been getting a lot of "Invalid HTML" error messages when I paste text into the Post Message edit box and then attempt to post or preview the message. The message looks corrrectly formatted, but additional blank lines are suddenly inserted into various parts of the text when I go ahead and click preview or post without first editing the message. Clicking the HTML tab reveals that the pasting the text (from another forum message or a filemaker database) inserts the following HTML tags that appear to be the culprit:span/span( brackets removed to keep software from treating these as HTML tags.)The forum software resolves the error by converting the tags to "ampersand"nbsp tags between p, /p tags and this causes the extra blank lines to appear in the message. Editing the HTML to remove the span and /span tags avoids the error message. Dragging selected text from another text box on the browser window also inserts these tags. Using Internet Explorer 8.