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Pasting bug in FileMaker Pro 10

Question asked by scottworld on Aug 13, 2009
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Pasting bug in FileMaker Pro 10

Description of the issue

This is a long-standing bug that has been around ever since custom menus were introduced back in FileMaker 8. And it's still a problem today in FileMaker 10. If we create a custom "Edit" menu for our users where the "Paste" function (command-V) performs the script step "Paste Without Style" (instead of the normal Paste), it works just fine in all fields. The user can hit command-V all day long, and they can paste text without style all day long. HOWEVER, if the user goes to edit an editable drop-down list for a field by clicking in the field in browse mode, scrolling to the bottom of the drop-down list, and clicking "Edit...", FileMaker PREVENTS the user from PASTING into the dialog box. So they can't copy-and-paste to move value list items around in the dialog box. FileMaker doesn't realize that pasting without style is the exact same thing as pasting plain text into the drop-down list dialog box. FURTHERMORE, this bug prevents developers from developing as well, because developers can NOT paste within calculation fields when the custom "Edit" menu is there. The only workaround for this is to have the standard "Paste" functionality be assigned to command-V, but then we lose the functionality which we wanted to gain by having the "paste without style" functionality to begin with. FileMaker should just recognize that "paste without style" becomes a normal "paste" within calculation fields and value list dialog boxes.