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PDF Engine Slow/Inoperable in v13 compared to v12

Question asked by hsslater on Apr 2, 2014
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PDF Engine Slow/Inoperable in v13 compared to v12


FileMaker Pro


v13/v13 Servr

Operating system version


Description of the issue

I have a client that, via a script, creates a PDF file for multiple records with multiple images per PDF file. Quite simply, doing so in v13 client takes 5-10 minutes to create one PDF File (if it completes the process at all), where as in FMP 12 client the PDF process is nearly instantaneous. Images are 1-4 MB, typically 4 images per file with one image per page. Typically export 75-300 records in a go. Using FMP Server 13. Current work around is to use v12 for generating these PDFs, but its something I think FileMaker would want to know (if they don't already).

Steps to reproduce the problem

Create a similar file and try using server 13 and compare client 12 with client 13.  Happy to share code.

Expected result

v13 client hangs.  v12 client completes job rapidly.

Configuration information

v13 server on pc.  v12 and v13 clients on pcs.


use v12 client