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PDF Paging issues

Question asked by PatriciaSmith on May 1, 2012
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PDF Paging issues


FileMaker Go


Go 12.0.2

Operating system version

5.1 (9B179)

Description of the issue

When I create a PDF using Text from many tables, the page of the text has to be extended and creates extra pages.  Moving the footer up one page cuts off information.

The Header works fine on the computer, but on the iphone and ipad versions, the last line (with any lower hanging letters) shows up on the next page with the pieces of the character.  I've tried removing the heading and the problem continued.

Steps to reproduce the problem

I create what should be 9 pages and do this script:
Save Records as PDF [Restore; No dialog: "chart.pdf"; Create email; Current record]

I end up with 10 pages when I do this on the Windows or Mac computer.

When I do this on the iphone or ipad, I get the bottom of the characters cut off and the rest of them show up on the top of the next page.

Expected result

I expect the charts on the iphone and ipad to create the PDF with the characters complete on a page.

I expect the pages to not include a blank one.

Actual result

Some characters show the tops on the one page with the bottoms of the characters show on the next page.

I have extra blank pages.


My workaround is to save the information on the iphone and/or ipad and send the information from my computer.  The extra pages seems to be the strange bonus.