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    PDF Printing problems.



      PDF Printing problems.


      FileMaker Pro


      FM 12 Advanced Rev 3

      Operating system version

      Windows 7

      Description of the issue

      The PDF print driver does NOT work. Cannot scale to fit both in creating a PDF from a record or to the printer itself. This was NOT a problem with FM 11. Nor is it a problem with FM 12 on iPad and Mac. FIX THIS NOW!!! As it stands, my db is useless as PDFs are used as backup and as data sent to outside parties. This has been a problem for over a year. This is not acceptable!!!

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Print to pdf, save current record as PDF.

      Expected result

      The file should scale to fit both for PDF output and for print. The prompt shows a scaling option but nothing happens. This is a FM problem with Win 7.

      Actual result

      The file does not scale, the PDF is broken up into two pages.

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      No error message.

      Configuration information

      Standard install into Win 7. Everything else works without issue save for this.


      THERE IS NONE!!!

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               Can you describe in more detail what you mean by "scale to fit"?

               As I recall there is a scaling percentage option in Mac printer drivers that simply does not exist in Windows drivers. If this is the issue, it's not really something FileMaker Inc can fix as it's due to a fundamental difference in the operating systems.

               There is a work around. For out put on windows, you can use a copy of your layout where the layout objects have been scaled to fit the specified page size. I agree that this can be a lot of work, but it does enable you to get the results that you want.

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            Phil :

                 Robert is referring to the PDF Options that you can define when you use the Save as PDF command. In theses options, with the [Initial View] tab, you can choose a magnification setting. You have many options on it, percentages, or automatic adjustments.
            All :
                 I tested theses functions on both Mac and PC and they behavior are clearly similar and undepending to the plateform.
                 But, crystal clear too, they are not designed to do what Robert is expecting. Follow my reasoning, please :
                 • When FMP save as PDF the result is ALWAYS depending to the current Page Setup Options (A4/ A5/...Landscape or not) as in the Preview mode. You cannot see content that is outer these margins, NEVER. So you can deal with the format, margins etc... but no more. In Preview mode for instance, if you try to change the window's zoom, all your page is resized and the result is exactly the same, except you must use flunks or other glasses. smiley
                 • Adobe Reader behave exactly the same. You have a zoom setting, stored by file, to facilitate reading. It have no impact with the printed version.
                 • The setting that Robert is talking about, described previously, only affect this zoom setting on the brand new document, setting that will appear in Acrobat Reader for instance or other readers BUT that NOT impact the ways how the doc will be printed. It is the [Initial View] tab, anything else...
                 So effectively, the unique workaround is that was described by Phil above. Sorry...
                 Bye, Fred 
                 PS : Excuse me for my bad english.