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    PDF problem



      PDF problem


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      At report menu,if a change the format of the field,that field doen't seen at the pdf copy.
      For example the default format of the field is decimal,and copy the report as pdf I can read the values.But if I change that type of the field as currency and save the report as pdf there is no numeric value seen.

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          If you select that layout and switch to preview mode, can you see the contents of this field?

          Specifying a currency data format for the field could also require that you make the field wider in order to properly display the data in the field as it will now need more width for the currency symbol and possibly the two decimal places. If that's the issue here, you should see a problem with this layout in browse and preview mode as well as in the PDF.

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            I've already enlarged the width and height of the field.In the preview mode there's no problem,I can see the values.When I save as pdf file I can not see the values of the fileds that I changed the format.


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              I can't replicate the problem using FileMaker 11v3 on Windows XP, SP3.

              1. I created a new database with a single number field.
              2. I typed in 23 and then used Save/Send records as... | PDF to both create the PDF and to open it.
              3. I saw 23.
              4. I then returned to layout mode and used data formatting from the inspector to select currency and 2 decimal places.
              5. In browse mode, I see $23.00 as I would expect.
              6. I then saved as PDF again and the PDF showed $23.00 correctly.


              See any differences between how I did this and what you did?

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                If I create a new database,it's working axactly with the same way.But if I create a new report in an existing database and change the format of the field I can not see the value in pdf copy where I can see it in preview mode.


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                  But are you specifying this format on the same layout used to generate the PDF?

                  Data formats specified on a given layout only apply to that layout, so that might be the issue here. If you are using a script, that script may switch to a different layout where you haven't specified the data format, generates the PDF and then switches back--all invisibly to the user.

                  I've done the above steps by modifying an existing database layout and it works just fine for me, so I can't think of much else that might be the culprit here.

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                    Now,it works.Thanks