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PDF Problems

Question asked by remoran_1 on May 26, 2013


PDF Problems


FileMaker Pro


12 Advanced Rev 4

Description of the issue

PDF does NOT work in Windows. Either it prints out fuzzy or the scaling is wrong. This is NOT the problem on MAC or iPad. This has been going on for months and NOTHING has been done. In FM 11, there was NO PROBLEM. Fix this now. My clients are going ballistic about this and so am I. Nothing has been done. I cannot go back to FM 11 so I am stuck and I know others are in the same situation. Fix the damn thing now. Excuses are not acceptable.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Any export to PDF in Win 7.

Expected result

Correct printing and display of PDF with options to scale the output. This is exactly what FM 9 - 11 did without issue.

Actual result

Fuzzy and or inability to scale PDF to fit page.

Configuration information

FM 12 Advanced on 64 bit Win 7 Professional