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    PDF shows $0.00



      PDF shows $0.00


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Mac OS

      Description of the issue

      I have setup multiple fields for a "Currency" amount under the Data Formatting Options.  I have the checkbox clicked for "Do not display number if zero".

      However, when I go to PDF the file, it shows $0.00 in every field without a dollar amount.  This issue does not occur until I PDF the file and view it.

      Expected result

      I do not want the $0.00 amount to show up all over our reports, yet I cannot figure out how to stop this from happening.

      Actual result

      PDF shows $0.00 in every blank field that is under the Currency tabs.

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               I put a number field on my layout, selected currency data formatting and checked the check box for "do not display number if zero". When I save the PDF, I do not get a number in the PDF.

               I'm using Windows 7, not Mac, so the issue could be OS specific. But also check and make sure that the layout being used to generate the PDF is the same layout as one of the layouts where you selected this data format for the field on that particular layout. Some starter solutions, for example, change layouts when you click a button to print or save as PDF so it's not impossible that you have another layout where this option has not yet been selected.

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                 How do I see where information is being pulled from?  I think there is a layout it's drawing from, but I can't figure it out.  

                 This layout is a mess as it is.  There are around 50 different layouts on this one and I cannot figure out where the information is being pulled from.  I looked through every single one, changed all of the fields to the Do Not Display if Zero field.  I'm still getting $.00 on the PDF

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                   How are you generating the PDF? If you are using Save As PDF from the File menu, then this is likely not a case where a different layout is being used to generate the PDF.

                   But if you click something to start producing the PDF, then you are clicking a button that may either specify the "go to layout" step or that performs a script that uses that step to change layouts. In layout mode, you can double click a button to open button setup to see what script is performed or what layout is specified in Go to Layout. If it's a script, you can then click specify, then pull down the "gear" drop down in the next dialog to open and select edit to open the specific script performed by that button and check there. (In some starter solutions, a graphic is underneath an invisible button. If you can't get button setup to open by double clicking, try drawing a selection box around the visible object on your layout, then hold down the shift key to deselect the image object and to get just one pair of selection "handles", then select Button Setup... from the Format menu.)

                   Once you known the name of the button, you can use either Manage | Layouts or, while in Layout mode, pull down the layout menu in the status tool bar to find and inspect the layout to see if the currency formatting was correctly specified on that layout.

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                     I just use apple+p and save as PDF.  We also have scripts set up to create PDFs.  However, this is the ONLY layout I'm having this issue on.  All the other layouts with the same type of Fields does not display the $.00 on PDFs.

                     There are no buttons to actually save or print as PDF.

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                       I've gone through all of these layouts now several times and I still can't find the beast causing the $.00 to show up.. :(

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                         Zach Walker:

                         Thank you for your posts.

                         First, try deleting the field from the layout.  Then, using the field tool, drag the field back onto the layout.  Set the same options again.  When finished, go to Preview.  This will show you how it will display when printed or saved as PDF.  If $0.00 still displays, then tell me more about the field itself.  For example, if the field is a Calculation field, you may have the field formatted for two decimals, but the calculation may be 0.004 internally.

                         Anything else you can provide may be helpful in narrowing down the possible causes.

                         FileMaker, Inc.

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                           Alright that seemed to have done something.  I did not delete the previous field, however, I did create a new field with all of the same values.  I moved it off to the side, and it seemed to have cleared things up.

                           I'm guessing it had something to do with us having had an older version and updates to FileMaker Pro made it do something funky.  Couldn't tell you what it was exactly, but I think it "reset" all of the fields and now they work appropriately.

                           However, now I'm having another issue that randomly popped up.. like a damn bubble in laminate.  

                           One of my text fields is acting incredibly strange.  Text lines disappeared, and it's not displaying all of the information provided in the field.  Only one text portion is actually showing up.  I don't know what just happened. :|

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                             … It seemed to had worked there for a minute, but now I'm having the same issues arise back with the PDF pulling $.00 amounts.  

                             I remade fields but it doesn't seem to be sticking this time.

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                               Zach Walker:

                               If text lines are disappearing, perhaps the layout is damaged.

                               Create a new layout, and place the Text field (with disappearing lines) on the layout, along with the Currency field.  Make sure all the settings are the way you want.

                               Go to Preview Mode.  Does it display all lines in the Text field?  Does the Currency field display $0.00 or is it blank?

                               Continue to keep me updated with any progress.

                               FileMaker, Inc.

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                                 Well, since the layout has a TON of text fields for the Costs, and they are all turning to $.00 after PDF, upper management decided to hold off on this as it seems the layout does have several things wrong with it.  They plan on building a new one in the future, so I don't have permission to really mess with it further than I have been.

                                 I did notify them that it could be a potential issue with the entire layout and as I said, they decided to hold off for now.  

                                 As far as the disappearing text fields, there were 2-3 fields overlapping each other.  That was a pretty easy fix.

                                 However, taking from this whole experience, I am learning more and more about FileMaker and what's going on.  I really do enjoy the program and look forward to learning more.  I recently was given permission to order the Training Series and patiently awaiting for its arrival at this time.  I found several PDFs that have been a godsend in this learning experience.

                                 Anyway, sorry for getting completely off topic.  But yeah, management wants me to stop working on it as its potential fix isn't really cost efficient at this time and they plan on making a completely new layout (Which, I may be the one to make this.. given enough time to learn this program)

                                 Thank you guys for responding to me promptly, though.  That is really appreciative and hopefully look forward to learning more from you all in the future!

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                                   Warning, this "potential issue" might crash their database. A Crash can result in lost data and further damage to the file. Hope you make and keep lots' of backups and you might want to share this info with management as they might just save a few pennies only to lose wheelbarrow loads of dollars...

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                                     This has been an ongoing issue for years for them.  Although they really do appreciate the heads up, they plan on abandoning this layout in the near future.  They haven't had any issues arise from this problem other than the unwanted $.00 that pops up after the form is converted to PDF.

                                     So, hopefully, once I get my training in and learn more about the creation of these layouts and getting it to work with out current database, I can begin working on a new form.  As of right now, though, they are concerned with it but lack the current resources to address it.  But we do have backups incase anything were to happen.  

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                                       Please note that the loss of data that might happen in a crash would not necessarily be recoverable from a back up--it could be recently added data not yet committed (saved) back to the database.