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    PDF with FM12Go



      PDF with FM12Go


      FileMaker Go



      Operating system version

      ios 5.1

      Description of the issue

      PDF open using FM12Go with landscape and portrait wont zoom full page correctly

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Having the ipad in portait mode, open a pdf from a container field will bring it full screen, turn the ipad landscape, the PDF will keep it's ratio and you will need to scroll down to read the rest of the page, flip it back to portrait, back to normal...that is ok

      Now open the same way but having your ipad in the landscape, this will open the PDF and you will need to scroll down to read a full page... now flip it portrait, the PDF keep the same zoom ration and now you need to to scroll from left to right, up and down to read a page...

      The native ios to zoom in and out, double tap to zoom in/out is not working with a PDF that is open in FM Go

      Also the PDF thumbnail preview is not following the setup put in FMA12 as per data display... keep ratio, the thumbnail is all stretch up in the Go version, OK on windows screen.

      Expected result

      fliping the ipad  and having a portrait view of the full page PDF

      Actual result

      having to pan the page to read it, with no option to zoom out


      Use open with ... and use Acrobat reader, but pain in the ... twice the action.