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Perform Script on Server: Scripting Error 3 and 101

Question asked by scottworld on Jul 14, 2014
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Perform Script on Server: Scripting Error 3 and 101


FileMaker Server



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OS X 10.9.2

Description of the issue

Hi there,

We have started using the new "Perform Script on Server" functionality in FileMaker Pro 13 in conjunction with FileMaker Server 13. It works just fine.

However, we were glancing through the FileMaker Server logs yesterday, and EVERY SINGLE TIME a user runs a script using "Perform Script on Server", it is logged in the FileMaker Server logs with either a "scripting error (3)" or a "scripting error (101)". This makes no sense at all because everything is operating 100% correctly! It makes even less sense after you look up what error #3 and error #101 is:

Error #3 is "Command is unavailable (for example, wrong operating system, wrong mode, etc.)". This is NOT a valid error message for us, because our server scripts are ONLY USING script steps that are compatible with FileMaker Server. There isn't a single script step we're using in our server scripts that ISN'T compatible with FileMaker Server. Furthermore, our "OnFirstWindowOpen" script trigger immediately evaluates whether the user is the Server machine by evaluating the results of this calculation:
PatternCount ( Get (ApplicationVersion); "Server"))
So, if the Server is opening the database, FileMaker doesn't do any pre-processing of the database in any way. It simply goes to a blank layout with no script triggers on that layout and doesn't take any further actions -- it simply runs the server script that it was called upon to do, and the server script is using 100% server-compatible script steps.

Error #101 is "Record is missing". Again, this makes no sense, because all of the server scripts always successfully execute just fine, and no records are ever missing. Each server script starts by going to the appropriate layout, entering find mode, then performing a find for the primary key of the record that needs to be processed. The record always exists in the database, because the users have no ability to delete any records from the database.

So I'm very confused as to why FileMaker Server 13 keeps yielding these same 2 invalid error messages over & over again to us… is this a bug in FileMaker Server 13?