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    Phantom movement of .PNG



      Phantom movement of .PNG


      FileMaker Pro


      Advanced 12.05

      Operating system version

      Mac OS X Mavericks

      Description of the issue

      Working on a printable layout, with both text and graphics (in .pdf and .png formats) a single graphic (the .png, which is a signature with alpha) appears in the incorrect position in form view, and shift up slightly (from the wrong position) in list view.  It prints in the correct position, displays in the correct position in Preview mode, and is selectable in layout mode.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Exit layout mode.

      Expected result

      One would expect items placed on the layout to remain in their position on-screen.  This particular one doesn't, though it prints in the correct location.

      Actual result

      Moves itself in both list view and form view while browsing/searching for records.

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear





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               What do you see in Layout Mode?

               Have you checked to see what auto-resize anchors have been selected for this object? Might the top and right anchors be selected for it instead of the Top, Left?

               Also check to see if the object was set to "slide left" which would produce a visible result when printing/previewing that would not be visible in Browse mode.

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                 It appears that the autosize options were all deselected.  Selecting the top and left, as you suggested, corrected the problem.  I haven't used the autosize area in the inspector before, so I wasn't unsure what they did.  Apparently though, I de-selected them at one point and didn't realise it.  Thanks for the assistance!


                 Problem solved.

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                   The auto-resize anchors can do some real "magic" on layouts where the window may be sized differently on different computers or on an iOS device that may be held in landscape or portrait orientation. Things can slide right or down as the window increases and if you set opposing anchors, the object can "stretch" to fill the added space. Portals are real cool in that they can "stretch" down to expose additional rows when the height of the window increases.

                   In one of my solutions, a button click opens a small window where the window is filled edge to edge with a single container field. Since all 4 anchors are selected, the user can resize the window any way that they want and the image in the floating window scales to fit.

                   Objects with no anchors selected should center themselves on the layout relative to their actual position when added to the layout in layout mode.

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                     Thanks for that info!  I'm working on an international solution right now that has vector maps for each country in the world that can be opened in a larger window.  I'll have to play around with that, since several countries are incredibly large and difficult to read much detail on in their small pop-up window.

                     Thanks very much for the assistance!