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Phantom Record Deletion

Question asked by TylerNelson on Mar 27, 2012
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Phantom Record Deletion


FileMaker Pro



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Description of the issue

Records are being deleted from database, seemingly at random and not by users. This has happened 3 times (that I've noticed) over the few weeks. At first it happened twice to the same Product record, while I was working actively on development (but not deleting records). The most recent incident happened while I was away for several days and not accessing the database at all. FM Server logged usual user activity, but none of these users have record deletion privileges. The first time, it deleted the very first record in my Products table (with the lowest record ID). I reverted to a backup from the previous day that had this record. Then the following week it disappeared again! Only the second time the related Vendor record also disappeared. Instead of reverting to a backup the second time, I simply recreated those records with the same ID. Then today I noticed 2 other products missing! The Product that was deleted before is still there. All Vendor records are in tact. The Product IDs for the records that were recently deleted are the next two in succession after the one that was deleted before.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Haven't been able to reproduce the problem.

Expected result

Only 1 user "developer" privilege set has record deletion privileges. I am the developer and I know that I am not deleting these records. This must be caused by some process and not by a user.

Actual result

Records are being deleted, seemingly on their own.

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Configuration information

Hosted on FM Server 11 with bulk client licenses.