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Phantom Record that I am Unable to Edit or Delete

Question asked by BenHampton on Jun 29, 2015
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Phantom Record that I am Unable to Edit or Delete


FileMaker Server



Operating system version

Mac OS X 10.9.5

Description of the issue

We have a database that tracks employees entering and leaving two different company locations. Each location is set up as a separate record. There is a related table that collects all of the IN and OUT scans for both yards. This system has been working flawlessly, but suddenly on 6/25, it seems that a new record appeared in the list for just one of our locations (Location MID) in this table (titled scans). Data cannot be entered into this phantom "record". When I delete the record, the record disappears, but when I run the report again, which is simply performs a find and goes to a Table View listing of the found set, the empty record reappears. When I scan another ID card, the data is entered into the record below the phantom record, and filling in succeeding records after this. Every time I delete the phantom record and rerun the same report, the phantom record reappears between the same two functioning records. This phenomenon does not occur when I run the same report for the second location (Location PLE), and when I perform a Show All command, the phantom record disappears. However, the phantom record remains even when switching between layouts.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Run a search report on Location MID

Expected result

Display the search results in a table view format, in which there are no empty records.

Actual result

A phantom empty record appears above the last actual record. This empty record cannot be modified or permanently deleted