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Phantom Window Resizing in Windows

Question asked by smoothie on Mar 16, 2012
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Phantom Window Resizing in Windows


FileMaker Pro


11 Pro

Operating system version

Windows 7 64 bit Professional

Description of the issue

As I know you are well aware, when you open a new window in a script step and tell the new window to be a smaller size than the currently open window, if that currently open window is maximized, it spontaneously re-sizes itself to it's un-stretched dimensions.  I've seen excuses on the forums that this is a Windows issue, etc.;  Nonsense!  Windows doesn't care how many maximized windows you have open and doesn't spontaneously change their dimensions.  This is clearly a bug in your code somewhere -  It's very annoying (please don't tell me about the workarounds - I know what they are and they are lame and don't fully solve the problem if the user maximizes the window!)  Under no circumstance should a window resize itself unless the developer has specifically told it to.  Please, Please, Please find this bug and squash it!