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PHP Assistant will not allow selection of a location for the generated site

Question asked by pkemeraitis on Dec 13, 2012


PHP Assistant will not allow selection of a location for the generated site


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

OS 10.8.2

Description of the issue

When using the PHP Assistant, after completing all necessary steps I select the "Generate Site" button and the Output Settings dialog box appears. I select the "Browse..." button to specify where to to save the output files for the site. In the navigation window that appears I can select any folder for a location or create a new one but the "Open" button is not enabled after making the selection.

In addition to this issue I cannot select the "Preview" button or "View Site" button before or after I customize the pages generated in step 3.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Open the FMServer_Sample database and launch PHP Assistant from the tools menu. Select "Create a new site". In step 1 click the "Connect" button the connect to the filemaker server, select the FMServer_Sample from the "Choose a database" drop down. Click the "Choose a layout group" button and select the "ENGLISH_NATURE" layout group. Click the "OK" button to close the selection box. In step 2 Site Profile select any profile from the drop down. In step 3 Theme select any theme. In step 4 NEXT STEPS select any customize any pages. At this point I believe you should be able to preview or view the site but those buttons are not active. Now select the "Generate Site" button.  Click the Browse" button to select a locate from the "Output settings" dialog box. Choose any folder or create a new folder and choose it in the navigation window. The  "Open" button never becomes active.

Configuration information

I am also running filmaker server version: 11.0.404 on a mac mini with OS 10.7.5. This the first time I have used PHP Assistant. When I launched it it required a java update so it is currently running the latest version.