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    PHP site asssistent - character



      PHP site asssistent - character

      Description of the issue

      I have used PHP site assistent to build my php site but it doesn´t work to serach on the site with our swedish character å, ä ö.  How do i solve this problem?

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          Make sure you set the default character encoding to UTF-8 under PHP settings in the Web Publishing Engine in the Filemaker Server Admin console. 

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            I have already checked that I have UTF8 but it doesn´t work. Do you have any more advice to give me?

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              Hi Kristina.


              I doublechecked searching on my own setup with Norwegian characters and that works as expected, and I don't recall doing anything special to make that work.


              Is the problem only present doing searches?

              Does the special characters display normally when you show all records?

              Have you changed the php code in any way?

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                It´s only appears when searching. The special characters displays normally when showing all records. Í have not done any changes to the php code.

                What to do?

                Here you can have a look at my testsite. http://fmdb.it.ki.se/testphp/

                User: admin

                passwd: trubbel


                I don´t know where you from if you kan see our swedish characters? If you try to serach at Torbjörn and then Olle you can see the different.



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                  I see that you are using IIS, I am using Apache and I do not have this issue.


                  Not sure if that may be relevant, but I suspect that the query is altered before it reaches Filemaker, maybe being converted to ISO8859-1 by IIS.


                  You can check that the IIS character encoding is UTF-8 here:

                  IIS 5 and 6. In Internet Services Manager, right-click "Default Web Site" (or the site you want to configure) and go to "Properties" => "HTTP Headers" => "File Types..." => "New Type...". Put in the extension you want to map, separately for each extension; IIS users will probably want to map .htm, .html,... Then, for Content type, add "text/html;charset=iso-8859-1" (without the quotes; substitute your desired charset for iso-8859-1; do not leave any spaces anywhere because IIS ignores all text after spaces). For IIS 4, you may have to use "HTTP Headers" => "Creating a Custom HTTP Header" if the above does not work.

                  Anyone else have an opionion on this issue?

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                    Hello again!

                    I still have my problem! You sad you are using apache instead of IIS. Then you havn´t used the php site assistent? Or can you explain how to move the files to the linux webserver with apache?