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Pictures inserted into FMS 12 from FileMaker Go 13 do not work with CWP

Question asked by jbarnum on Mar 29, 2014
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Pictures inserted into FMS 12 from FileMaker Go 13 do not work with CWP


FileMaker Go



Operating system version

iOS 7

Description of the issue

When a container (specifically a signature, didn't try other types) is inserted from FileMaker Go 13 to a record in FileMaker Server 12, it appears to work OK. However, if you try to retrieve that item via the XML Web Publishing Engine, you just get a 4 letter quad char value instead of the actual image data.

Steps to reproduce the problem

* Connect to FileMaker Server 12 as a guest, using FileMaker Go 13 (reproduced with both iPhone and iPad).
* Insert a new signature into a container field
* Switch to a browser and try to access this field via XML. The easiest way to do this is with this request:
The last item in there is the URL path to the container, copy and paste that onto the end of the host portion. The finished URL will look like this: http://apollo.local/fmi/xml/cnt/Signature%203-28-2014%209.48.47%20PM.png?-db=Sandbox_Apollo&-lay=Sync_Sandbox&-recid=2730&-field=Container1(1)

Expected result

I expect to see the signature in the browser window.

Actual result

I get an icon indicating a broken image. If I use curl on the command line to view the image, I see that it's just four letters: PNGf

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear



Using FileMaker Go 12 does not cause the problem. Problem also does not occur with FileMaker Pro (12 or 13). Problem does not occur with FileMaker Server 13.

I've noticed that the bad images get an additional container stream type named 'MAIN'. This stream type contains the characters 'PNGf'. I'm guessing that FileMaker Server 12 is seeing this quad char, and returning it as the result, instead of interpreting its contents as the name of a different stream type to fetch.

This is a very serious problem for us, because we rely on being able to get binary data via the XML web publishing engine. The only way to fix this problem is to tell our customers to upgrade their FileMaker Server or downgrade FileMaker Go.