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    Placing objects in portals - much harder



      Placing objects in portals - much harder


      FileMaker Pro


      12 v3, v4

      Operating system version

      Windows 7

      Description of the issue

      If a field or a graphic isn't placed way inside the portal now, FileMaker thinks it's outside the portal

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Create a portal
      place a field on the edge of the portal

      Expected result

      Field is in the portal, like earlier versions of 12

      Actual result

      the field will not be in the portal


      Reinstall 12 v1 and do my work in there.  Once the object is placed in the portal, I can then run it in v4 and it is fine.  So annoying, especially with tight layouts!

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               Thank you for the post. 


               This issue was previously reported by others here:


          Portals and Tab Controls fail to "own" enclosed objects


               I added your comments to the original report made to Testing and Development. 



               FileMaker, Inc.

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                 Placing an image close to the edge and using the position tools to move an object into the portal doesn't seem like the same issue. The tools might very well move the object well into the center of the portal row and the object still does not become part of the portal.

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                   Thank you for the reply. 


                   The reports as I understood are that an object will cease to be a child of portal if the user:


                   1. Leaves any of an object outside the portal.

                   2. Moves an object via the inspector from outside the portal to inside.

                   3. Drags the selection knob to resize the selection to within the portal if the object started partially outside the portal.


                   Objects in a selection can be removed from a tab control/portal by dragging the selection or nudging until the object is no longer fully contained inside its parent.


                   Manually dragging the object within a portal will re-parent the object correctly. Please let me know if further clarification is needed.



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                     Yes, but Our OP describes "place a field on the edge of the portal"

                     this does not match 1, 2, or 3 and that's why I have indicated that this looks different from the other report. This may be due to the documented change in the appearance of the portal border with the release of 12.04 for windows systems.

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                       Thank you for the clarification. 


                       Does placement on the "edge" mean the child object partially remains outside the portal?


                       Perhaps either you or donjuancarlos could provide a screenshot to further clarify? 


                       I might wrongly have assumed this report was option number 1 because if any of the child object is placed by the user in the portal and a fraction of the object remains outside the portal, then the parent portal will not take ownership of the child object.



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                         If' it's partially outside the portal, this is not an issue to report, it's expected behavior.

                         I can't reproduce this issue now that I've actually tested to see.

                         What I tried:

                         On a Windows 7 system with FMP 12.04 Advanced, I used the field tool to place a field on my layout from the portal's table, but totally outside the portal. I then dragged the field until a guide aligned with the left edge of the portal popped up to indicate that my field was right on the left edge of the portal.

                         I then tried to drag the portal to see if both portal and field would move. They both moved--showing that the portal correctly "owned" the field.

                         Zooming the layout to 400 shows that the edge of the field perfectly coincides with the portal border.

                         I tried this on both a classic themed and a Cool Grey themed layout.

                         @donjuancarlos, See anything different between what I did and what you did?

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                           Sorry I haven't gotten back to this in awhile.  After some monkeying around, this is the issue:

                           I imported The file from FileMaker 11.  Most of the fonts I use are 11pt. Arial.  The text box height for 11pt. Arial in FileMaker 11 is .222 inches.  However, on an imported portal, if I make any adjustment to a field inside a portal, it resizes my field to .236 inches and refuses to allow it to be smaller.  The field is then removed from the portal.

                           The only way I can make the .222 in portal and field again is to recreate the portal and fields from scratch in FileMaker 12.  Which can be rough when your file has hundreds of portals in it... with conditional formatting and script triggers...


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                             When making precise size changes, I click the units to the right of one of the size or position boxes in the Position tab until I get points as my units. I then enter a size change in points to resize the object.

                             If you do that with your text box, can you get the size back down to the original size?

                             FWIW, this no longer appears to be an issue with portals but rather an issue with how converted layout objects resize when you edit them--something that has previously been reported but not considered a bug by FileMaker Inc.

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                               Actually, the manual resize does work.  Beats recreating the whole protal from scratch, thanks.

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                                 When you drag a resize handle, the object may snap back out to align to a grid square. Even with snap to grid turned off, this seems to happen, but to the very smallest grid squares.