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Plugin problem: Eventscript not recognised even though it's there!

Question asked by wayfarer on Jul 24, 2009
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Plugin problem: Eventscript not recognised even though it's there!

Description of the issue

Hi Guys, We've hit a brick wall with this problem; you're our only hope, OB1 Problem:  The plugin (and others) are in the extensions folder. I checked with sister installations on other machines and the folder contents are the same. Summary: We can't get two of 10 desktop clients to run the newly installed ExhibitOffice programme (co-developed from ArchiOffice) running on Filemaker pro 10. It would seem ACT is the comon element but I don't know for sure and/or how to fix it. Act is only installed on these two machines and apart from the OS and MS Office they have little else in common.Project_database and Archi_Office Developers are at a loss to why this is happening and can't offer a solution: "It must be your desktop PCs as it works fine on other machines". Environment:See PC config text fileFilemaker pro 10 clients 10.0v1;Server running on Window 2003 server.Bonjour installed along with PDCOfficeClient & PDCOfficeToolKit applications that make up Exhibit_Office.We installed this software on 8 other machines (4x Vista business 64bit, 1x XP 64bit, 3x Xp 32bit) and it works fine (so far). On the two errant machines Filemaker seems to start okay until it loads Exhibit_Office. The above error pops up. Clicking "OK" closes the programme. Attempts to resolve the problem:Uninstalled & re-intalled the package.Uninstalled Java (all versions)Updated Windows XP to very latest MS updates.Updated misc drivers and software too.Cleaned the registrySearched for any out-of-the-ordinary software like malware & virus.Reinstalled latest Java and the Java version that comes with installation package too.Uninstalled software again, copied an installation from another XP machine (copied folders)Uninstalled again, re-installedcopied just the extensions folder over from another machine.Searched Google found two possible solutions:two possible solutions:Update .net from MS. Did that but already had latest version.Install version 8.5 of filemaker, but I do not have a copy so I couldn’t test it.A solution to this problem would be great... the bosses machine is one that doesn't work. Go figure. Reward can be my first born, but warning; she's a teenager with expensive shoe buying habit. Take at own risk and expense.